At Home With Cornish 12

Pandr'ew  meaning " What is"  is a useful beginning of a question.   We started with  Pandr'ew hebma?  and  Pandr'ew an re ma?   What is this? and What are these?   You  can use  Pandr'ew  to ask  what someone likes ( or hate s ).     Pandr'ew da genes?  What do you like?    Pandr'ew cas genes?  What do you hate?     Or you can say:      Pandr'ew drog genes?  What do you dislike?     Notice that instead of  genam  (which refers to what you like yourself) we use  genes  (for what the other person likes).     And w e are using opposites when we use     drog  (bad) and  da  (good).     Pandr'ew da genes?       Da ew genam sevy wheg .   I like sweet strawberries.     Pandr'ew drog genes?     Drog ew genam trynkles trenk.   I dislike sour rhubarb.       Also ,  opposites are  wheg  (sweet)  and   trenk   or   trynk  (sour)     We can also ask a more direct question:   Ew da genes sevy?  Do you like strawberries?   Ew drog genes trynkles?  Do you